How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Book More Speaking Gigs

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Book More Speaking Gigs

You want to book more speaking gigs, but you don’t know where to even start. Or you’ve been speaking at free events and want to know what it’s going to take to get to get to the next level. Or you just don’t know where to look for them. Speaker assistants take away the pain. They help you focus on the tasks you do best so you can focus on the ones you enjoy the most. They make it so that you can just show up and share the message you want to share. They take away the time suck and the overwhelm of researching gigs and pitching yourself so that you don’t tank out. Here are some reasons why using a booker or a virtual assistant who helps speakers will help you book more gigs:

1.     There are virtual assistants who specialize in this

They literally do this every day. They have the contacts and if they don’t, they know where to look and they do it consistently. There’s nothing worse than a speaking funnel that dries up fast without ongoing and consistent effort. You want to put your time towards the area where your strengths lie so why put it here? When using someone who has a focused interest in this area, you can most likely rely on getting the best results instead of maybe, just kind of putting yourself out there…because it can be uncomfortable and who is your worst critic? Hint- ahem* you are often your worst enemy. You might spend your time hoping to hear back and are not really sure you’re presenting yourself as best as you can, which brings me to the next point…

2.     They can help you perfect and improve your speaker kit (marketing materials) so that you stand out

It’s always helpful to have someone else look at something you’ve been looking at for hours. A second set of eyes. Again, these are some of the things a speaker VA sees daily. They’ll know how they can help you stand out from your competition. They can provide the guidance to what you need to do next, help you clarify your branding and the message you want to put out there so that it’s consistent with who you are and most importantly they can help you get started if you really just don’t know where to begin.

3.     Letting them pitch & book you brings a whole new level of notoriety and authority

Yes, you are a speaker so you may judge yourself and think why would I need someone to speak for me when I’m going to be up on a stage speaking? Well, I’m going to tell you right now, it is very common for someone to not want to pitch themselves- you are not alone! Let me ask you this, if someone can do the one part of your job that you dislike the most, why would you do it yourself? Not only is it super helpful, but it will also make you look good when you can just say… “oh yeah, just call my manager.” 🙂 When your VA emails an event host saying, “Hi, my name is Jocelyn, and I represent Kim…” the host will think you’re really serious and know what you’re doing. It enhances your personal image and brand by having someone do it for you.

4.     When a VA is booking you for gigs, you get to focus on your strengths

Finding your own gigs takes you away from where your strengths lie (your work and your message). It is so important to focus on what you do best. Finding gigs yourself can also be overwhelming and a time suck, and you won’t be working on your business…and then you might eventually give up. **Speaking funnels dry up fast without ongoing and consistent effort.**

A booker/VA helps you look more desirable and more professional. Let me be the one to bring your business to the next level. For information on price packages, click here.

These are just some of the reasons how a speaker’s assistant can help you book more gigs and make you more desirable. The great news is I am now offering this as a service for those who want to get more speaking gigs. For more information or a complimentary consultation, please contact me at