By the hour – This is if you like to add as you go and prefer a more flexible arrangement. I charge $40 per hour. I keep track of my time and round to the nearest 15 minutes. Minimum invoice is 3 hours. Rush rate (due within 24 hours) is $60 per hour.

By the project – Project specific. We can discuss what you would like and the rate charged would be per project.

Retainer – If you like my work and want to continue working with me, it may be easier to secure an hourly retainer. This guarantees my time with you per month. I keep track of the time and let you know if you are getting close to the limit so you have no surprises in the end.

Gift Certificates – Have a friend or a loved one you think could benefit from these services? We have gift certificates for just this purpose!


Feel free to fill out the contact me and we can discuss what is best suited for you. 


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